Prohibited Items

Sending any of the items below in a shipment could result in criminal prosecution and incur additional charges to your parcel delivery.

It is very important when sending a parcel anywhere in the world that you ensure your parcel does not include any of the following:

  1. Perishable or Frozen Food
  2. Human Remains / Body Fluids / Human or Animal Embryos / Body Parts / Organs
  3. Liquids / Adhesives / Paint/ Alcohol
  4. Live or Dead Animals / Animal Products / Ivory / Ivory Products / Mounted Animals
  5. Cash (including Cheques or Vouchers)
  6. Jewellery / Fur / Antiques / Works of Art / Precious Metals
  7. Mobile Phone with Sim card
  8. Money / Keys / Negotiable items / Payment cards / Bullion
  9. Passports / Birth Certificates / Driving Licences
  10. Personal Effects including items where the importer is claiming Duty Free
  11. Negotiable Instruments (including Cheques and any Vouchers with a face value)
  12. Pornography
  13. Dangerous Goods – eg Explosives / Fireworks / Radioactive Materials / Weapons / Firearms
  14. Engines / Generators / Gearboxes
  15. Hazardous materials – eg Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable Resins / Solvents / Liquids / Compressed Air / Items containing any gases / Hazardous Waste including Medical Hazardous Waste
  16. Lottery Tickets / Gambling Devices
  17. Flammable or Corrosive Liquids, such as Alcohol / Cleaning Products / Perfumes / Hairspray / Nail Varnish Remover
  18. Wet or Lithium Batteries (Not including Dry Cell)
  19. Imitation Firearms / Toy Guns / Weapons / Explosive Devices / Ammunition
  20. Unencrypted Personal Data in electronic format
  21. Magnets or Items containing ferro-magnetic material
  22. Any goods prohibited by the law or regulation of any government or public or local authority of any country where the goods are carried by parcel are not allowed.
  23. Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind

Restricted Items

The following items are deemed unsuitable for shipment by our services, and are therefore restricted. Any of these items being sent may result in surcharges, delays or confiscation by authorities in some countries where appropriate. No transit cover or guarantees whatsoever will apply to these items. These items are sent at your own risk.

  1. Articles of exceptional value (eg, Works of Art / Antiques / Precious Stones / Gold and Silver / Designer Clothing, Apparel and Accessories over £250 in value)
  2. Food items (Perishable) – All areas
  3. Furniture (Unless Flatpacked)
  4. Glass / Mirrored items / Crystal / Ceramic / Porcelain / Plaster / Marble / China / Stone / Slate / Resin / Granite – (or any item containing these materials)
  5. Laptops / Monitors / Computers
  6. Drugs (legal), Medical Samples and Pharmaceutical Products
  7. Perishable Goods
  8. Plants / Seeds / Flowers
  9. Televisions / Plasma Screens
  10. Tobacco
  11. Unaccompanied Baggage / Suitcases
  12. White Goods – Fridges, Ovens etc
  • We will not accept any materials and products that may be dangerous or hazardous to handling staff.
  • To comply with strict regulations we will not carry any substances classified as dangerous in the latest edition of the IATA publication.
  • Also prohibited are: Shipments with inherent vice; Shipments which by their nature are likely to soil, impair or damage persons, merchandise or equipment; Goods the carriage of which is prohibited by law in the country of origin, transit or destination; Goods which attract high excise duty or which require special facilities, safety precautions or permits.
  • It is the sender’s responsibility to comply with current government regulations or laws applicable in each country. Not all commodities can be shipped to all countries.
  • If you are unsure if your parcel contains any kind of restricted items please contact us before booking your parcel. Failure to declare dangerous goods can lead to prosecution, heavy fines and imprisonment.

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